Stanley Park In Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver’s Stanley Park houses many amenities that both residents and visitors to Vancouver enjoy throughout the year. A few of these attractions are the Vancouver Aquarium, Lost Lagoon, The Seawall in Vancouver, and Third Beach.

Stanley Park is located next to Vancouver’s busy downtown. The abundance of trees in Stanley Park defends our residents (humans and animals) against the pollution of the city and offers the eye appealing landscape to BC.

vancouver stanley park


Vancouver Stanley Park Attractions

Vancouver Aquarium – The Vancouver Aquarium is the largest in Canada and attracts many aquarium seekers year round. The Aquarium is known for its marine life including belugas, dolphins, sea otters, seals and sea lions. In total, the Vancouver Aquarium is home to 300 species of fish, 20 000 invertebrates, 60 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 50 to 60 species of birds and mammals.

The Lost Lagoon – The Lost Lagoon is a 40 acre fresh water lake that is home to swans, geese, ducks and many more attractive birds. Many of these birds nest and feed off the fresh water fish found within the Lagoon. This lake can be found off the Sea Wall trail beside the inner Third Beach Park.

Stanley Park Sea wall – The Vancouver Stanley Park seawall surrounds the park against the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This popular trail is used for walking, running, biking and inline skating. Some may go fishing (with a License) on the seawall as well. Cycling or rollerblading around the Stanley Park sea wall may take up to an hour long. Walking the path takes two to three hours. The Stanley Park sea wall is relatively not congested on the week days but will see more foot and bike traffic during the weekends when the residences of Vancouver flood into Stanley Park to enjoy a hot summer afternoon.

Third Beach – This popular beach inside Vancouver Stanley Park is located at Fergusen point and is a naturally sandy beach surrounded by large trees that shield beach seekers from the city noise. This beach is enjoyed for its swimming, picnicking, tanning and sunset watching. The beach also has a life guard on duty to ensure safety for all.


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