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One of Chinatown’s newest additions is the newly-opened Ramen Butcher, located at 223 East Georgia Street.  Backed by a thriving network of Tonkotsu-style (pork bone broth) noodle bars in Japan, the Ramen Butcher is the first North American restaurant of the Menya Koji Group.  The philosophy of the founder of Menya Koji was for the customer to leave full.  Be warned: portions are generous, and you should not pop in if you’re looking for a light snack.

Ramen Butcher

We started our meal with the surprisingly light Chicken Karaage (fried chicken).  The lightness was due to the fact that Ramen Butcher bakes their breaded chicken.  The complimentary wasabi mayonnaise gave the appetizer a fresh kick.

Baked breaded chicken with wasabi mayonnaise.

Baked breaded chicken with wasabi mayonnaise.

For mains, I sampled the house specialty Tsukemen (noodles for dipping), which are thicker than regular noodles, and are served chilled, with an accompanying rich (very rich) pork broth.  Tip: unless swallowing chunks of pork fat is your thing, take a moment to remove these flavourful nuggets from the broth before you attack the noodles!  This is a hearty dish.  I estimate that there’s at least a pound of fresh house-made noodles here!

Take noodles, dip in broth, repeat...forever!

Take noodles, dip in broth, repeat…forever!

The wife and kids enjoyed the Classic (Pork broth soup) with optional marinated egg, and the Black (featuring roasted garlic oil).  The latter packs a real kick, and my wife found it considerably more oily than the Classic or Tsukemen.  The four of us would have been stuffed with two servings, so we unfortunately left quite a lot of food on the table.  I would recommend Ramen Butcher for those looking for traditional Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen, but be prepared to wait in line!


This restaurant is not pig-friendly!

This restaurant is not pig-friendly!

Definitely a theme going on here...

Definitely a theme going on here…

What: Ramen Butcher
Where: 223 East Georgia Street
Hours: Tuesday ~ Thursday 11am to 3pm/ 5pm to 10pm
Friday ~ Sunday 11am to 10pm
Monday closed



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